Tuesday, September 18, 2012

List of Publications - Isthmus 2012

Among the countless blogs covering food, we've always been inspired by Midtown Lunch, a guide for regular working types to eating an economical yet luscious lunch in Midtown Manhattan that began in 2006. We're happy to start our Mad Town Lunch adventure by quizzing Adam Powell.

The ancient performance arts of dance, music and theater face stiff competition from new digital unrealities -- Xbox, Netflix and the strobe of CGI. But our old traditions wield a primal, visceral punch; the sweat and immediacy of live performances provide a depth of experience that flat-screen pastimes cannot. Walk your kids away from the Wii and watch their synapses light up when they witness how good live entertainment with no digital effects can be.

With new Hobbit movies and the red-hot series Game of Thrones in the cultural consciousness, mead-swilling characters from medieval environs abound. So it is with admirable timing that Colleen Bos has just opened Madison's first facility dedicated solely to mead, combining her backgrounds as a homebrewer and medieval historian. Her Kickstarter project reached its goal in mid-August, and now a clean, professional meadery at 849 E. Washington Ave. is open for business.

When Salon Media Group broke the news in late June that employees of ur-online community the WELL had been terminated and that assets were up for sale, a cadre of early Net adopters bristled, then rallied. Founded in 1985 by Larry Brilliant and Stewart Brand, the WELL is among the first and richest online communities.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

List of Publications - The Onion A.V. Club 2012

Our favorite snacks from Natt Spil // ROLL CALL

by January 4, 2012 1
The cool spot has a lot of little bites.

It’s finally getting cold, so let’s pack on the pounds with a hearty breakfast // BELLY UP

by January 5, 2012 0
The Winter Dane County Farmers’ Market breakfast on Jan. 7 should do the trick.

Sze Chuan Chinese Restaurant // FIRST IMPRESSIONS

by January 10, 2012 4
Vast amounts of sugar-rich, salty Chinese-American food at a reasonable price.

The Petite Chefs program might finally get your kids to help with the cooking// BELLY UP

by January 12, 2012 0
All you’ll have to worry about is eating something that your child actually cooked.

Craft Table & Tap // FIRST IMPRESSIONS

by January 17, 2012 2
The new Middleton joint has lots to offer, but burgers, beers, and cheese curds are the best options.

The Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest is exactly as awesome as it sounds // BELLY UP

by January 19, 2012 0
This year a V.I.P. pass will get you in an hour early.

Mallatt Pharmacy & Costume’s wine tasting // OUR FIRST TIME

by January 24, 2012 0
Bill Mallatt wows wine tasters with his effervescent sales pitch and charm.

Get out to Bookless to party in the stacks of the Central Library Jan. 28 // BELLY UP

by January 26, 2012 0
Events like this don’t happen often, so make sure to hit it up.

The Wise in Hotel Red // FIRST IMPRESSIONS

by January 31, 2012 0
After a three-year development ordeal, the hotel (and its restaurant) finally opened across from Camp Randall.

Learn to cut your own meat at Underground Food Collective’s Whole Hog Breakdown // BELLY UP

by February 2, 2012 0
For $140, participants get food, drinks, and a whole lot of pork to bring home.

Greasy-spoon breakfast spots in Madison // ROLL CALL

by February 7, 2012 1
Four of our favorite joints for watching the morning world go by while we watch our cholesterol rise.

It's Valentine's Day soon, and that means it's time to make some heart-shaped pizza // BELLY UP

by February 9, 2012 0
On February 15, youngsters can join their sweethearts in the Youth Cooking School: Be My Valentine cooking lesson at Whole Foods.


by February 14, 2012 0
The warm, inviting new Capitol Square Indian restaurant boasts a monster menu and a great buffet.

You can tell a lot about a person by the bees they keep // BELLY UP

by February 16, 2012 0
Learn to keep your own bees and stop all those midnight runs to the store for honey.

Eating pickles with Madison's newest gold-medal vodka importer // RECAP

by February 21, 2012 0
We got the chance to gather round the kitchen table to sample Gvardia’s new Belaya Rus vodka.