Monday, January 2, 2012

List of Publications - Isthmus 2011

"In 2011, I supped on hundreds of dishes at dozens of restaurants, old and new, even nabbing the very first table at Tempest Oyster Bar's opening night. But my favorite meal of the year was at LuLu's Deli & Restaurant. When I was a kid growing up in Madison I lived one block away from LuLu's and every year I chose dinner there for my birthday. On hearing news that they were shutting down, I gathered my own family and we ordered a final resplendent repast: Greek olives and warmed pita bread spread with creamy hummus; delicate falafel and marinated, thin-sliced lamb shawarma with tart yogurt sauce, tomatoes and red onions. We finished with Turkish baklava, a glass of Pinot Blanc, and a toast to a dear old friend." - Adam Powell, Food Critic, A.V. Club Madison