Tuesday, September 18, 2012

List of Publications - Isthmus 2012

Among the countless blogs covering food, we've always been inspired by Midtown Lunch, a guide for regular working types to eating an economical yet luscious lunch in Midtown Manhattan that began in 2006. We're happy to start our Mad Town Lunch adventure by quizzing Adam Powell.

The ancient performance arts of dance, music and theater face stiff competition from new digital unrealities -- Xbox, Netflix and the strobe of CGI. But our old traditions wield a primal, visceral punch; the sweat and immediacy of live performances provide a depth of experience that flat-screen pastimes cannot. Walk your kids away from the Wii and watch their synapses light up when they witness how good live entertainment with no digital effects can be.

With new Hobbit movies and the red-hot series Game of Thrones in the cultural consciousness, mead-swilling characters from medieval environs abound. So it is with admirable timing that Colleen Bos has just opened Madison's first facility dedicated solely to mead, combining her backgrounds as a homebrewer and medieval historian. Her Kickstarter project reached its goal in mid-August, and now a clean, professional meadery at 849 E. Washington Ave. is open for business.

When Salon Media Group broke the news in late June that employees of ur-online community the WELL had been terminated and that assets were up for sale, a cadre of early Net adopters bristled, then rallied. Founded in 1985 by Larry Brilliant and Stewart Brand, the WELL is among the first and richest online communities.